Terex HC-110-1  

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2017 Terex HC-110-1 110-Ton Crawler

Stock Number 1685
Serial Number GF0439
Main Boom 150'
Main Boom Breakdown 50' Basic, 2-40', 1-20' Inserts
Engine Down Cummins Diesel Tier IV
Hours 86 hours as of 6/26/17
Main Winch
Auxiliary Winch
Third Drum
Shoe Size 36"
Counterweight Size 69,165 LB Rear Counterweight
Counterweight Removal System
Car Body Counterweights 30,866 LB Carbody Counterweight
Computer LMI
Anti-Two Block
Air Conditioning
Block 75-TON
Ball 15-Ton
F.O.B. Sulphur, LA
Price P.O.R

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